1. Grant Application Deadline. Legends are Born Everyday Foundation (the “Foundation”) does not currently have a deadline to submit grant applications. Each year, the Foundation will review grant applications as they are received until the Foundation has issued all its available funds. The Foundation reserves the right to impose grant application deadlines in the future.

2. Online Grant Application Submission. All grant applications, including any documents required to be submitted with the grant application, must be submitted online using the Foundation’s online grant application form. The Foundation’s online grant application form can be accessed at: https://www.legendsareborneveryday.org/pages/apply-now.

3. Personal Story. As provided in question of the grant application form, the Foundation requires that you provide a personal story. The personal story is your chance to help the Foundation get to know you and your spouse—who you are, what you like to do, family history, why you would make a good candidate for the Foundation’s grant, etc. Accordingly, the personal story should not include your fertility history.

4. Proof of Insurance. You are required to provide a photocopy of both sides of your and your spouse’s insurance cards if selected.

5. Application Form. You must fully complete the application form and provide all documentation requested by the Foundation, including a letter from your physician as required by the question in the grant application, tax returns for the last two years as required by question 15, and proof of insurance (if any). Your grant application will be evaluated solely based on your responses to each of the questions in the grant application, including the documentation that you are required to provide as provided in the grant application. The Foundation reserves the right not to review any incomplete grant application.

6. Do not Submit. Please do not submit any medical history documentation that is not requested in the grant application. The Foundation does not return submissions.

7. Grant Funds. If you are selected as a grant recipient, the Foundation will issue the grant funds directly to your physician or medical provider. In no event will the Foundation issue grant funds directly to you.

8. Personal Statement Release Form. If you are selected for a grant, the Foundation would like to tell your story to show how the Foundation is helping couples achieve their dreams of having their own legend. If you are willing, please complete and submit the Personal Statement Release Form to allow the Foundation to tell your story.

9. Questions. If you have questions, you can out to the Foundation by sending an email to support@legendsareborneveryday.org.